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The faculty of Economics and Management of SSU is a leader of education in Economics, Management and Administration in the region. It has quarter-century experience. The fact about quality and traditions of economic education shows that the faculty is one of the oldest economic schools in Sumy region, as well as a provider of personnel for enterprises, establishments and educational institutions. The faculty of Economics and Management appeared in May 1991. That year 50 students entered such specialty as "Economics of Enterprise," as well as 25 students entered "Management of Organizations." The number of students increased next year, so such three departments were organized: the department of Economics, the department of Finances, and the department of Management. Nowadays the faculty accepts students to the 1st course on such 5 specialties: Economics of Enterprise, Marketing, Management, Finances and Credit. The specialty International Economics became the new one. A distinctive feature of the faculty of Economics and Management is a wide choice of economic disciplines at the elder courses in region. Bachelor students have a unique opportunity to continue their study at the 4 main and other economic specialties such as: Administrative Management, Exchange Activity, Economics of Environment and Natural Resources, Project Management, as well as Business-Administration, and Government Service. The faculty's mission is to prepare a highly qualified, responsible, competent, competitive specialist at the labour market, whose activity will be connected with Economics, Management and Administration. Such students will master their profession; will be able to work effective according to the world standards with the high level of social and professional mobility. For the present moment the faculty is headed by its graduate Dr. of Economics, Professor Olha V. Prokopenko. In general, there are 20 Professors and Dr. of Economics among teachers of the faculty.

Faculty of Economics and Management consists of 5 departments:

department of Economics and Business-Administration
Head: Leonid Hryhoriiovych Melnyk
department of Economics Theory
Head: Olha Volodymyrivna Prokopenko
department of Marketing and Innovative Activity
Head: Serhii Mykolaiovych Illiashenko
department of Management
Head: Oleksandr Mykhailovych Telizhenko
department of Finances and Credit
Head: Volodymyr Mykolaiovych Boronos

The teaching staff of the faculty has more than 100 lecturers with academic degrees. The faculty provides a special opportunity for its students to learn their disciplines with the international teachers. Especially, the Professor of London School of Economics and Politics - that is one of the 3rd leading economic HEIs in the world - the Professor of the University New Brunswick (Canada), the Professor of Technical and Humanitarian Academy (Poland), as well as other Professors and Associate Professors from Canada, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic have been working at the faculty.

The faculty's scientific interests comprise problems of the environmental economics and loss indemnity, which are connected with environmental pollution; theories of the investment and innovative processes management mechanisms; methodologies and methodic to evaluate enterprise economic potential; formation of the territories social and economic development strategies; social and economic problems of the informational society, etc.

Such main modern scientific schools are developed at the faculty are: 1. "Economics of the systems development and sustainable informational society" (Head – Dr of Economics, Prof. L.H. Melnyk);
2. "Management of the enterprise innovative development, marketing and management of innovations" (Head – Dr of Economics, Prof. S.M. Illiiashenko);
3. "Ecological and economic problems of heat and power engineering, management of free air emission at the interstate level" (Head - Dr of Economics, Prof. О.M. Telizhenko).

Scientific schools of the faculty trained 12 Doctors and over 100 PhDs in Economics. More than thousand scientific publications, including ten monographs and manuals were issued.

The graduate students work effectively according to the specialties:
• 08.00.03 – Economics and Management of National Economy (see Passport of specialty 08.00.03);
• 08.00.04 – Economics and Management of Enterprises (by types of economic activity) (see Passport of specialty 08.00.04);
• 08.00.06 – Environmental Economics (see Passport of specialty 08.00.06);
• 08.00.08 – Money, Finances and Credit (see Passport 08.00.08);
• 25.00.02 – Mechanisms of State Governance (see Passport 25.00.02).

In the specialized scientific council Д 55.051.01 thesis defence to gain academic degree of Dr and PhD in Economics by specialties 08.00.06 and 08.00.04 is conducted (among the graduates of the faculty there are 7 Doctors and over 100 PhDs in Economics).

During the last years, the teachers of the faculty investigated and issued a lot of manuals and educational books in Economics of Enterprise, Marketing, Management, Economic of Sustainable Development, Personnel Management, Management NDO, problems of environmental protection, investment and innovative activity, etc.

4 scientific special journals with the international index ISSN are published:

• "Bulletin SSU. Economics;"
• "Marketing and Management of Innovations;"
• "Mechanism of Economics Regulation;"
• "Problems and Perspectives of Management in Economics;"
• "Management of Economic Processes."

Students from the faculty of Economics and Management have their traditional training at summer scientific schools not only in Ukraine, but also in the USA and the European countries. Since 2014, the first year of study students have got the possibility to get the European diploma at the same time with their education at SSU with the help of "double diploma" programme, using technologies of credit transfer and recognition of academic results.

Today the faculty of Economics and Management is:

• Teachers who are the authors of manuals, which are at the All-Ukrainian level of using;
• Constant cooperation with employers;
• Opportunity to study in English with the international students;
• Chance to master specialized computer programmes;
• Opportunity to get over 10 additional scholarship programmes (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, Victor Pinchuk Foundation "," and other) in addition to the academic scholarships;
• Ability to have simultaneous education in EQL "Bachelor" by the "double diploma" programme at the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Bia?a (Poland), and other HEIs;
• Collaboration with more than 50 interantional partners, who represent far and near abroad countries;
• Military department of SSU, which gives an ability to get military rank of Reserve Officer;
• Opportunity to get the driver license at the auto school of SSU.

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