Sumy State University education

SSU launches open online-courses ‘Examenarium’

Examenarium 1SSU launched open online-courses ‘Examenarium’. All registered ‘Examenarium’ students got a free access to the majors in the following training directions: Economics, Marketing, Management, Law, Finance, Banking and Insurance. Training will continue until the beginning of October 2016. A free certificate will be given to those students who complete the courses successfully. The results of these courses can be considered during admission of future students to SSU.

The courses are presented by experienced teachers-masters of online learning technologies, because Sumy State University has been successfully teaching students online for 14 years.

According to Director of Regional Center of Distance Learning Yurii Zuban, ‘Examenarium’ project is the next step towards SSU openness. In such a way, the University invites everyone to get familiar with the academic form of online learning successfully operating for many years at SSU, and experience multiple interactive simulators, tests and even games. The teachers are ready to help anyone interested; besides, future students can get an advice on their entrance to Sumy State University.

The presentation of open online-courses ‘Examenarium’ was held one and a half months ago. During this time 800 students registered for the courses. Registration for the program is still open.