Sumy State University education

SSU PhD student got Poster Award at 2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting (European Materials Research Society)

3The 2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting (European Materials Research Society) was held in Lille (France). About 3000 participants from over 60 different European countries took part in it. Every year E-MRS encourages students and postgraduates by introducing a new Graduate Student Award.

Sumy State University was represented by Andrii Vosnyi, PhD student of the Department of Electronics and Computers Technic at SSU Faculty of Electronics and Informational Technologies. Andrii Vosnyi’s scientific advisor is V. Kosyak, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PhD). SSU PhD student presented two poster reports ‘Post-growth treatment of SnxSy thin films’ and ‘Thermally induced phase transition in SnxSy thin films’. As a result he won in the V section ‘Thin film chalcogenide photovoltaic materials’.